Unashamedly classic – Bara Brith

As part of our Unashamedly Classic series, we shine a light on Chef Gareth Johns and his culinary classics. He only serves food he believes in, and has maintained the same high quality for over 20 years!

In today’s post, we explore his Bara Brith. Translated to mean ‘speckled bread’, It is thought to have been invented by a Welsh chef who added dried fruit and spices to a bread dough, creating the first version of the traditional Welsh tea loaf.

Today most recipes include dried mixed fruit, brown sugar, warm black tea, mixed spices, self-raising flour and one beaten egg. Our chef uses the old Montgomeryshire recipe dating back to the 18th century which uses treacle instead. Chef’s version is moist and rich enough to serve without butter, but in his own words “I’m definitely a butter on man and have enjoyed this recipe ever since chef and food historian Hazel Thomas gave me the recipe for it.”

Enjoy some of chef’s Bara Brith with a coffee here.

Chef Gareth Johns is an award-winning chef who has travelled the world as part of Wales’ Culinary Association team. From the freshest of lobster dishes and hearty Sunday roasts to fresh salads and delicate puddings, his food is simply the best.