As part of our Unashamedly Classic series, we shine a light on Chef Gareth Johns and his culinary classics. He only serves food he believes in, and has maintained the same high quality for over 20 years!


In today’s post, we explore his Glamorgan Sausages, and no, these aren’t sausages that come from pigs in Glamorgan!


A Glamorgan Sausage was originally made with Glamorgan cheese, from the milk of Glamorgan cattle. Sadly, they are now extinct, so people often use Cheddar or Caerphilly cheese instead. We use Cheddar because it’s a better melter!


Served with home-pickled mushrooms or chutney, these are melt-in-the-mouth sausages you must try if you haven’t ever before.


We also serve Glamorgan Sausages with our vegetarian breakfasts, and we often find meat-eating guests opting for these instead of regular sausages because of their quality and distinctiveness. 


Book a stay with us, and enjoy a Glamorgan Sausage breakfast!

Chef Gareth Johns is an award-winning chef who has travelled the world as part of Wales’ Culinary Association team. From the freshest of lobster dishes and hearty Sunday roasts to fresh salads and delicate puddings, his food is simply the best.